La Pietra


Stone has always been used in buildings and gardens both for its structural and resistance functions and for decorative functions: it is the material element that cannot be missing from a landscape design, it is immutable and static as opposed to the dynamism of nature.

Have you ever touched the surface of a stone block? It is cold, crystalline, dusty, sometimes smooth and sometimes sharp. The sides of a stone are always different, even inside it we often find fossils, small cavities with the walls completely covered in crystals. Every time we place a block of stone on our work table, a journey of contemplation of beauty begins. And there we understand what that block will become and, when designing the space for which it is intended, we identify the location that will best do functional and aesthetic justice to these blocks.

Stone is the perfect, timeless dress for our products.


If stone is the dress of our products, the technology inside is their beating heart.

We firmly believe that good design befits a beautiful and functional product, both in terms of the material from which it is made and the functions for which it is designed.

The Menhir’s lighting and sound systems, designed and engineered in Italy, are designed for outdoor use, fear no weather conditions and require very low maintenance. The special technique of internal coring, the use of materials such as stainless steel and neodymium treatments and tropicalisation of the components have allowed us to make a complex system totally simplified for a maximised user experience and durability.



Manual skills and craftsmanship are reflected in the beauty and uniqueness of our products, our culture, our identity. The technology of our products is enclosed in a shell of stone that has been skilfully selected, treated and processed by expert hands capable of enhancing, with the utmost care, a material that is as solid and durable as it is delicate and breakable.

Every vein and every imperfection tells the stone’s billion-year history. Our task is to interpret them with the utmost respect.

Lampade Da Terra Per Esterno In Pietra e diffusori per esterno di lusso


For those of us who know and work with passion the raw material, luxury is not defined only by the type of marble or stone used: true luxury is linked to the sight, to the beauty restored by a product made of 100% natural stone, created with a defined function, such as lighting or diffusing music in space, integrated so well into the environment that it can blend in.

Created respecting the form and essence of the stone itself, each product is unique and inevitably different from another.

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The craft process of Menhir construction

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