The material

For us, stone represents that material element that can’t and must never be missing in the landscape project. Rock has always been used in buildings and gardens for structural and decorative functions, perhaps because we perceive it as an immutable and static element in contrast with the dynamism of the landscape. Through the result of these thoughts, we decided that the stone monolith represents that almost timeless, perfect “dress” as a starting point for a new lighting product. Years after the conception of the Menhir range of Luce, we find confirmation of all this.


Good design starts from a sustainable product, from the material with which it is built, and for the role, it’s been designed. We decided to use the resulting material from the marble extraction processes, and subsequently, our processing waste is recovered and reused to produce more. We firmly believe in a reliable and long-lasting product with a timeless design that surpasses the fashions and trends of materials. At the end of the life cycle of the light element with a simple replacement operation, your product will still be brand new.


Essenze di Luce was born from the desire to rethink the lighting and sound diffusion product for the garden by professionals in the sector. For us, technology has two main and rapid evolutions, the first concerns efficiency by increasing performance and reducing consumption and maintenance; the second oriented towards user experience or dialogue between us and the technological system. All products are continuously updated and placed on the market only after passing extensive quality tests. The accessory lines that we have adopted have been selected for quality and performance and included in the catalogue because they compete in what the garden system represents for us.

The Craft

Italian artistry and craftsmanship, indicate the beauty and uniqueness of our goods, in our culture, and our identity. The whole world is fascinated by the products of our land, the care in choosing raw material by the search of very high quality and creativity with every phase of the production chain. Our products are the union between the artisanal process of working marble and the industrialisation of light and the musical component.


It is with passion and ambition that led us to where we are now. We at Essenze di Luce know that success in the market today derives from the capacity for renewal and the quality offered. From the union of simplicity, refinement and harmony, Essenze di Luce follows exclusive lines of a contemporary product that with style is set in the most varied locations.

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