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Lampade Da Terra Per Esterno in marmo e diffusori per esterno di lusso

Regenerate yourselves on the panoramic terrace, at sunset, to the hearing of Sound Pro

An old farmhouse situated at the top of a hill in the Parma countryside, an isolated place where nature and the presence of wild animals provide the backdrop for the villa, which has been artfully renovated with the recovery of original elements, such as the stones supporting the external walls of the house and the typical structure of early 20th-century farms.

The installation of two Menhir Sound Pro allowed the outdoor area of the house, consisting of the swimming pool area and living terrace, to be embellished thanks to the integration of LED lighting and outdoor sound system in a single product “dressed” in natural stone.

The Menhir Sound Pro houses two LED sources inside, which illuminate the garden in a diffuse and directional manner and integrate perfectly with the pre-existing lighting outside the house, highlighting the most characteristic architectural elements. The entire light line is connected to the central lighting system of the house for a more user-friendly and simplified lighting control.

Given the isolated location of the residence, the owners opted for Menhir Sound Pro to benefit from two outdoor loudspeakers capable of reproducing very high power and fidelity sound for festive evenings in company, thanks to 220W of power each. The Menhir’s amplifier is connected via the home wi-fi network and sound reproduction is easily managed via an App on a Smartphone.

The project has been studied down to the smallest detail to connect design and tradition through the use of natural materials, such as stone, and the creation of an open-air minimalist living area adjacent to the house, which allows a panoramic view on the the surrounding landscape.

Trani, the texture chosen for the Menhir Sound Pro, is a typical Apulian stone in warm sandy tones with brown veins, reflecting the nuances of the surrounding nature.

The effect is spectacular and unique.

Our project published in the magazine
OUTDOOR Living Design Technology

PROJECT: Essenze di Luce, Fanfoni Home Solutions Srl (PR)

CREDITS: Luca Defant Photographer

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