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Outdoor Light and music in the bio-lake at the Quellenhof Luxury Resort

Quellenhof Luxury Resort Lazise, an exclusive 5-star hotel on Lake Garda above the small medieval village of Lazise, has chosen Menhir Pool and Menhir Sound for the outdoor area of the bio-lake, to offer its guests naturalistic relaxation in the name of luxury and exclusivity.

In the Dorfer family’s vision of aiming for ever higher standards of holiday, the outdoor areas project stands out, designed to offer different experiences based on guests’ preferences: pool area, skypool, relaxation area and natural bio-lake.
And it is within the bio-lake that twelve Menhir Pool find their place, underwater lamps that exploit LED technology and the durability and resistance properties of natural stone, which is specially polished to ensure safe bathing. The beauty of this lamp lies in the effect it produces: in the evening and night hours, thanks to the two luminous levels carved in the stone, one light is placed below the surface of the water and one above, creating a magical and glowing atmosphere that can be experienced by both those who swim in the lake and those who admire it from outside; during the day, on the other hand, it completely camouflages itself with the vegetation of the bio-lake, the authentic effect of a natural ecosystem.

To complete the relaxing function of the bio-lake area, a background music, audible in stereo, produced by twelve Menhir Sound: natural stone outdoor audio speakers, with 30W of power each and two integrated LED sources, suitable for the play of omnidirectional background music.

Lying under one of the gazebos overlooking the lake, tasting an aperitif at sunset, guests are cheered by atmospheric music and diffuse light as the day draws to the end. Thanks to the control system that can be integrated into the resort’s media server, music and volume in all areas of the hotel can be easily managed from a single control system.

With the aim of making everything as naturalistic as possible and perfectly integrated into the architectural design of the Resort – between Alpine and Mediterranean styles, Essenze di Luce handcrafted the Menhirs using local stones already present on the property and typical of that location. The result is a multifunctional, luxurious and exclusive sensory relaxation area with an unmistakable design, in true Quellenhof style.

PROJECT: Essenze di Luce

TEXTURE: Customised with tipical local stones

CREDITS: Luca Defant Photographer, Quellenhof Luxury Resort

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